Thursday, August 23, 2012

I can't help it.  Where I come from there are street signs at every corner.
Central Park West.
Third Ave.
W. 39
8th. Ave.

In other words, place directions.  Oh, and we really have no need for things like: East, West, North or South.

Except to tell you that you were either on the Hudson River side of 5th Avenue, or the East River side of 5th Avenue.
E. 72, tells you that you are on the East River side of 5th Avenue, while W. 39 lets you know that you're on the Hudson River side.

Simple.  Easy.

Oh.  If you are on a numbered street, you are on a crosstown street (either headed for the E. River, or the Hudson River); if on an avenue, you are headed uptown or downtown.

In short, a compass has no place here.  True we've been known to say, walk north uptown, to 88th street, then turn left and go crosstown to 9th avenue.  So, compass names do sometimes come into play, but only in a supporting role.

So, when Tom, of Scooter by the Sea fame, and Yours truly, Johnny Dollar.
By the way, for those interested in my name, check here....

Headed out for a great ride, I merrily zoomed, I mean, zoomed passed the VERY FIRST TURN.
Who knows what these things like head west then turn south mean?

Oh, well..... See Tom's blog.  I'm sure he'll both understand it and be able to explain it.

HOWEVER, on to the trip...


  1. LOL. I never noticed. I say forget the signs and just follow someone. ;)

    You ever been to Salt Lake? Temple is ground zero. A legitimate address was 1080 E 1300 S. I loved the system and caught on instantly. Oilburner had much more difficulty. I mean...completely different from 1300 S 1080 E. ;)

  2. Replies
    1. But nothing as confusing as North, or South or North by North West, or even south, southeast.