Saturday, March 30, 2013

One of our friends asked about some interesting riding routes down in the Seacoast area of New Hampshire….

"something for a 50cc machine".

Developing trips is our forte, so here is a nice roughly 23-mile ride that will take our friend passed some wonderful buildings, "spooky" cemeteries, a few historic forts, and a great place to grab a "Maine" lunch – all the while riding on country lanes close to (if not right alongside) the ocean.

Trip Map….

The starting point is at the Martin Hill Inn, two early nineteenth century buildings that are nice on the eyes and, if one was a guest there, the stay would be easy on everything…

Martin Hill Inn….

A short ride will bring you to the Wentworth Gardner and Tobias Lear Houses, classic examples of Georgian architecture from the 1700's.

The Wentworth Gardner Houses….

Jumping across two islands that lay at the junction of the Atlantic Ocean and the Piscataqua River, will get you to New Castle Island, home of the Town of New Castle, the only town in the state composed solely of islands.  Immediately upon reaching the island you'll find Riverside Cemetery, a neat row of older stones nestled in amongst the new, sitting between the road and the sea.

A wandering ride through the ocean-scented streets, ends at Fort Stark, one of seven forts built to protect Portsmouth Harbor.

Fort Stark….

When you leave the island, and are back on the mainland, a short ride brings you to South Street Cemetery…. The Haunted Cemetery…

South Cemetery….

Where Ruth Blay lies: hung one hour ahead of time, so the Sheriff could get to dinner, negating the pardon that arrived minutes after the hanging…. She prowls the grounds, angry and resentful….

On a more cheerful note, a moderate ride further will bring you to the Moffatt-Ladd House and Garden.


A Georgian Mansion that has been open to the public for more than 100-years.

Now it's time to jump across the river into Maine, wander along the riverside road and stop at the First Congregational Church and the Old Burying Yard.

Congregational and Old Burying Yard….

But now it's time for a bit of chow, so a little ride along the riverside road will get you to

Robert's Maine Grill….

Stuffed with loads of good food, and full of Scooter sightseeing, you head down the Old Post Road, cross the river and head home.


  1. Sounds like a great ride. Meandering down back roads and seeing historic sights and the ocean. Yep, great ride.

    I bet your friends will enjoy it.

  2. Mike that's one nice ride. Ogunquit is one of our favorite places, and one of the few places we return to every couple of years. I have driven some of those roads in the car, and look forward some day to riding them. Bobskoot and I are plotting to be in your neck of the woods some time this summer. I am really looking forward to it.