Tuesday, July 2, 2013

******* You can find CCSC people everywhere. *******

There I was, at the correct place, only I wasn't supposed to be there yet.  I mean, the Five Islands Lobster joint was on my list, but it was the 2nd stop, not the first.  So, I said to myself, "how'd you manage to do this?"

While I was standing alongside my scooter, perusing my map, checking my road directions, and scratching my head, a comely, silver-haired lady walked up to me, and the conversation that ensued went like this…

"That's a nice looking scooter you have there sir."

"Thank you", sez I looking up.

"Mike? Mike? What are you doing out here?"

My scooter admirer was no other than another intrepid CCSCer… Ingrid.

So, I "fessed up", and admitted that I had absolutely no idea what I was doing there, that I was plotting a new trip, perhaps to use the day after the Shrimp Run, and arrived at this spot utterly confused as to how I accomplished same.

At least she was kind enough not to laugh.  In fact, she smiled and said: "Well, while you're here, come on in and have some lunch with us".

Unfortunately, time was pressing and, although my mouth was watering fiercely, I declined the invitation and, hopping onto my trusty scooter, rode away, trying to figure-out to where I was riding away.


  1. Time travel. Blame it on a wrinkle in the space-time continuum.

    1. I wish I could.
      But I believe I could blame it on brain freeze from ice cream.
      Stange though, when I got home and re-checked my original plan, it was perfectly laid out.
      Somewhere along the way, I short-circuited.

  2. Pardon my ignorance but what is CCSC?

    1. Sorry Richard…. It's the Cumberland County (where most of us in the club live) Scooter Club.
      I take no credit for the name.
      But CCSC'ers are everywhere!

  3. The Craving Crustaceans Scooter Club... obviously :)

    I know it's not the Canadian Corporate Secretaries' Club, cause that one's the CSCS, and I oughta know, they rely on my to skipper the ship. Actually, I'm more like the admiral, they don't normally let me touch the steering wheel.

    1. Actually, it's the Courageous Continuous Scooting Conflagration.

      It's funny, but my crew never lets me at the helm either. I've always preferred to believe the reason was my infinite skill at slewing the boat sufficiently well that everyone becomes rather green around the gills.
      It takes talent to do that well.

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  5. Mike:

    Ahh, the disadvantages of being a local celebrity. You should have stayed for lunch, it was an omen

    A weekend photographer
    Riding the Wet Coast