Thursday, May 8, 2014


and Tigers

and Deers

Oh, My.

Rules For Prospective (and current) Gas Station Owners:

ONE: Under no circumstances are you to consider hiring anyone with even the slightest knowledge of Geography, or any concept of direction, distance or spacial relationships.

Rules For Town, City and County Employees:

ONE: Any street, road or highway that crosses a single route-intersection and that continues straight ahead, shall have a route designation sign on BOTH sides of the intersection, AND shall have an additional route sign placed at least 45-feet after the intersection.

TWO: Any street, road or highway that crosses a multiple-route-intersection, shall have no more than one route designation sign no less than 45-feet before the intersection, regardless of the direction the street, road or highway shall take after the intersection.

Day Two:

Departed 4:35 AM.  Went to main road, turned right and continued until my southerly route intersected.  "You can't miss it."

5:15 AM.  Still wandering around city, following various gas station attendants directions.

5:45 AM.  Locate 211, which quickly became 17M, which almost instantly became 11 before finally settling in and becoming route 24 - oops, it became 35 then crossed under I-84 and then...... became route 6, made a U-turn and crossed under I-84 until we were almost in Port Jervis at which point my road turned left, became 521, sending me into New York as well as hurtling along River Road.  Confused?  Me too.  Onward.

The last bit of craziness was when 521 made a hard right turn, became 206 and tossed me over the Delaware River into Pennsylvania.  Over the Delaware into Pennsylvania?  Why isn't it Delaware?

Craziness aside, at least the ride is beautiful.  Surprisingly, there was so much green, and the land just goes up and up and up.  Quickly.

To be continued...... the deer are coming, the deer are coming.....


  1. Mike:

    YOU LEFT AT 4:35AM ?? Wow ! and I thought that 8am was early enough. What happened to your analogue GPS, you know, the scribbled piece of paper taped to your windscreen with the rubber bands holding it together.

    I can see riding with you is an Adventure. are you trying to let us know that you had venison for dinner ?

    I know you are too smart to get lost.

    A weekend photographer or Riding the Wet Coast

    1. Yeah, 4:35, ugh. My GPS worked fine, but without signs there can be no guidance. My page read "Follow 211 for approx. 10 mins turn left onto....." But.... after 15 minutes, the road still hadn't appeared. So.... backtrack and ask directions.... HA!
      No, no venison for me. My very real worry was that the venison was going to have ME for dinner!

  2. Mike, I guess that's why they call them "back" roads. You keep having to go back for directions.

    But were they worth the trouble?

    1. Absolutely. There really is nothing better than a 45-50 mph jaunt on a two-lane road as the Sun rises up to Mid-day. Even if you have no idea where the hell you are.

  3. That great is beautiful. Too bad about road signs. That has to be one of my pet peeves when out riding. I don't always trust the gps so it is nice to have some signs.

    1. And, of course, I don't have a GPS.... just index cards strung between two "O" rings which in turn hang from a thin bungee cord that runs between my two rearview mirrors. That's what Bob was tongue-in-cheek referring to - although I guess if it's true it can't be tongue-in-cheek.