Sunday, July 1, 2012

Where Have You Been?


What Did You Do?


And so it has been these last what? seven-thousand years?

Okay.  Maybe not that long but it sure seems that way to me.

Here, instead of Scooter-ing For Fun, is what I've been doing:

For one, reading fantastic stuff:
Presents with L shoulder pain, unable to move it.  “Feels out of place”.  Past medical history: Bilat. shoulders are weak/dislocate by selves.

For two, writing deathless prose:
Exhibit 12F.  Compare doctor's statement about cane use and ability to walk.
Attack statement that TP supports history of back problems, but CE findings do not support the physical limitations reported by the claimant.  Examine other reports on what C can/cannot do, as well as treating physicians remarks.
Question: Can ME point to CE statement that supports claim of failing to support the physical limitations reported by the claimant.

All hope abandon ye who enter here.

Fortunately, before the madness of brief writing descended like a plague of locusts, I made a number of trips - in preparation of my exciting

Trip to Montreal

And even got to snap some pictures.
So join me on my ride from
Portland, Maine to
Searsport, Maine...
224 Miles (362 km) roundtrip.

To start with, I whipped-up some fortification.  No sense going hungry.

Then, loaded for bear, off I went.

Made a short stop in Camden, Maine, home of the world's last Schooners – Long, Graceful, Wood Sailing Ships, sans engines and run by the sweat of one's brow:

And then... it's through the countryside I went – which is one of the wonderful things about Maine: two-feet from any city or town, and you're in the wilds....

City to soft lanes...

County roads...

With mountains in the distance...

Then.... around the bend, a lake to explore...

Until the next bend reveals...

 the ocean wide

Not to mention small towns...

Towns so small that there exists no town.  Just a crossroad and the general store.

A store that is the grocery, the DVD rental place, the Deli and sandwich store, the wireless for free while you sit on the couch in the cafe and sip your coffee place

The Post Office.

Maine..... The way life should be.


  1. Damn!! You continue to make me homesick for a place I have only been to twice!! Though I haven't been in winter... ;)

    1. And you continue to make me homesick for warm and over-friendly, where everyone ends a phone conversation with

      Thnanks. Bye.

      Ah haaaa.

      Up here the conversation ends with

      Thanks. Bye.


      As for winter. Stand by. It's on its way.

  2. Beautiful scenery. I can hardly wait for the next installment. More please.

  3. Thank you Sonja. I am, though, much inspired by your wonderful blog.
    I'll do more, and you do more and we will both be in great shape.

  4. Mike:

    Hope your shoulder is getting better. You'd better get that 250cc before the Doctor has other ideas. take it easy and don't overdo it.

    As Beemergirl said above, I may be getting a bit homesick too and . . . I've never been there. I can nearly smell your freshly baked cookies from here

    Riding the Wet Coast
    My Flickr // My YouTube

    1. Thanks Bob... Waiting not too patiently for new model to appear -- they say August...

  5. Thanks for the trip. I like the modern solar panels on the General Store. Wonder how that works if there is some Historical or Preservation Society around...

    And I, too, hope your shoulder gets to feeling better. There's always autumn and it just might be a warm one!

  6. Martha - One interesting aspect of Maine is that it is almost always sunny - even in the winter, so I suspect the panels work very well.
    Thanks for your concern. One day I'll tell you a funny story about this.... 'Till then....