Wednesday, March 26, 2014

We now welcome you to

Two-Wheel Riding On The Back Roads Of Maine.

The Premium Site For Downloading

GPS Guided Tours Along

Maine's Back Roads.

For a new and exciting way to find your way along the back roads of Maine…

Just Follow This Link…

We Look Forward To Your Visit.


  1. Thanks So Much Mike ... I'll probably be passing through Maine again this year. Can't wait to take a little detour on one of these great rides.

  2. Mike:

    wish I could say I am passing through Maine this year. I'm going to be close but not that close. If you can wait a year I could make it. Rather than following a GPS track, I would rather follow the Author, and don't forget to bring Tina

    A weekend photographer
    Riding the Wet Coast

  3. Cool that you have it up and running now.

    How are the roads today? The news is telling us you guys are getting hammered with snow and cold again.

  4. Mike-Looks like you've been busy creating your tour guides. Awesome!

    Like Bob, I miss seeing your posts about YOU and your scooter adventures. Especially your energy and humor!

    Don't forget we love you and that gal of yours...

    Let us know how you are!