Saturday, April 5, 2014

In the end, I couldn't do either.

I couldn't bring myself to part with my

BV250 – even though I lust after the new Moto Guzzi V7 Stone (In White, of course).

But the BV has much charm too,

I mean, just look at this mean, lean, look.

So, as they say in the vernacular, I be with the BV.

The other item I couldn't give up - as you're probably guessing correctly, what with reading this, is this blog.  I mean, where else can you share the exciting adventures that my wife and I incur:

And so, here we stay, ready to ride and share the alarm, eh, ready to ride and share the adventures of a mad scooter (for now) rider.

Stay tuned, we're loading up....


  1. Mike:

    Look at all those places you never took us to !! We have to make up for it next year but I do recognize the Portland Head

    Glad to see you riding again, not that a bit of snow would stop you anyway

    A weekend photographer
    Riding the Wet Coast

    1. Bob: You didn't stay long enough. Next year make it a month here with us. That'll do it real well.

  2. It is good that you are happy with what you have, for now :-). I'd have to agree that the MG V7 is best in white.

    Glad the sun was shining and you two were out for a ride.

    I've too have thought about giving up the blog some times when I am uninspired, but it lures me back in. I am glad you are still blogging.

    1. Thanks, as always for the kind words and encouragement. Let's see what the end of the year brings. Remember, I ride all year, so November, December for a purchase is just another month.

  3. Heck yeah, two bikes is a MUST! LOL

    In fact, if I had a big garage and wallet I'd have more!

    Good to see you back and looking forward to your blog adventures!

    Sharp looking stable there too. Beautiful!

    Now get out and ride and take your camera along....