Friday, April 25, 2014

Scooter Truths Or Myths You Must Discover For Yourself…

You may actually do no more than the speed limit on an Interstate Highway.

Your wheels are just waiting for the correct speed before they fall off.

Your gas gauge will not fall to empty until you pass the exit ramp that reads, "next gas station: 47 miles".

That semi and other large trucks' speed is strictly controlled via multiple electronic gadgets, such that they never exceed the posted speed limit by more than, say, 5 mph.

That the "Yield" sign for entering vehicles is there for some purpose.

That your presence has no effect whatsoever on other traffic.

That an 18-wheeler, screaming passed you at 20-mph over the speed limit, has no effect on your central nervous system.

Scooter Truths I Have Discovered For You…

To make riding along at 70 mph seem like old hat, ride along at 80 mph for a while.

If you want to get-in a little snooze, ride along at 80 mph for a bit, then drop down to 60 mph. You'll be asleep in no time at all.

Once you're convinced your wheels are not just waiting to fall off, ride along at 70-mph for a bit.  It's pretty heady stuff.  Then inch-up to 80.  After two-minutes, you'll become intoxicated: hooked, as the pushers like to say.  Unable to resist the call to twist your wrist.

Okay, back to reality.  You need not "fly" on the Interstate - the speed limit is good enough.  However…. on a scooter the nerve-dulling, just-a-step-above-boring Interstate ride can be a fun-filled event, what with you being out there where the colors are bright, and the scent of the  trees, grass and wildflowers arrive unfiltered.  Neat…

Today…. 17hours on the road: North Central Virginia down to North Carolina, through Charlotte… Into South Carolina, passed Columbia… into Georgia - Atlanta, then "Whoa Nellie" for the night.


  1. In Atlanta! Say hello to Lori!

    1. Actually, Lori and Chris met me and are providing food and shelter. Great folks, great friends.

  2. Mike:

    Great that you made it safe and sound. Say Hello to Lori & Chris too.

    A weekend photographer or Riding the Wet Coast

    1. Thank you Bob, and Chris and Lori send their regards.

  3. Wow, 17 hours on the bike.

    Good thing you have Lori and Chris to take care of you for a night or two. Again, say hi to them for us too.

    1. Did as you asked and they both return the "HI". Lori and I had a long conversation about you two - the fact that you and I have the same profession, etc. It was an enjoyable chat, which ended with us wondering if we could talk you two into coming East, of if we had to go West.