Saturday, April 14, 2012


Time to Switch on the ignition and


At first, the urge is to get on and "Head for the Hills" – which is okay.  Lots of "yet to get to" places out there.
But, just as I was about to grab the map to seek new adventures, it dawned on me that there are a great number of places right here in my home town that I could scooter to ZIIIIPPP, without putting on great mileage.

So, let me scooter you around Portland, Maine and its environs.

It's just a two-minute ride over the Casco Bay Bridge, which spans the Fore River, into South Portland.  Another two minutes and...

You are at one of the many little jewels of "wilderness" that beckons you to explore - on a small scale, the wilderness of old.

The meandering done, it's hop on once again, and....

In three short minutes...

You are at the mouth of the Fore River, where it slides into Casco Bay, looking across at Portland.

But Wait!  There's More!!!  As the pitchman on TV says, because, for just a 7-minute-more ride you get....

Bug Light Park and the Portland Pipeline Terminal!

Bug Light got its name because it originally sat some 2,500 feet off shore, connected by a low swamp.  Every evening, the light keeper had to navigate that swamp in order to light the lighthouse lamp.  Let me tell you, there may be other places that have "bite-em up badly" bugs, but this spot can hold its own against all comers.

Bug Light Park sits at the entrance to Portland.  Guarding that entrance is Fort Gorges.  Built during the Civil War to repel any Southern invaders, it sits today as a fun spot to visit and a grand welcoming sight for folks coming to Portland by boat.

So there it is.  Scootering for Fun and not going very far.
Spring is in the air.  Mount up!


  1. Mike:

    OK, you don't have to rub it in. Here it is half hour here, half hour there, here a half, there a half. It takes so long to get anywhere. And even when you get there, you have to pay for parking. Here in Vancouver the parking meters are every day, 7 days a week until 10PM at night. You have to pay for parking at the park, nothing is free.

    You are tempting me to point my bike EAST and just keep going . . . perhaps one day

    Riding the Wet Coast
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  2. Bob:
    While it is true that, for me, many vistas are close by, but that last trip that's on your blog sure seems filled with cool spots, although I can see how it could be quite a few minutes between locations.
    Bad news about the parking... in the city proper, we also have meters, but they only go to 6 pm and not on Sunday. Pretty cheap too.... about a buck an hour.
    Come on East.....

  3. Wonderful little tour. I think you have to pay for parking in downtown Atlanta...but I never go there. ;) You take us to old parks and historical lighthouses. I would only be able to take you to Margaret Mitchell House and Oakland Cemetery. Bobskoot would love Centennial Olympic Park to walk barefoot through the water fountain. Hehe

    1. I was in downtown Atlanta once.... In a place called the 'Underground", or something like that. Danced the nights away and played the days away: the reason I was there was to be engaged in a Kendo Tournament. Took 3rd place in my age group (which was an honor as I had only been playing for one year). It was fun.
      Now, Margaret Mitchell, now you're talking. Great beauty. Smart Lady. Tragic Loss.
      Makes you wonder about fair, and justice and right and wrong.

  4. Thank you for the little tour. it is nice that you have such great areas in close proximity.

    I don't think I'd like Bug Light Park back in it's swamp days, bug bites swell up bad on me. Mosquito bites the size of quarters, lol.

    1. Well then, you'll need to make sure your visit is after Black Fly season (which is right about Mud Season - which is another reason you don't want to be here).
      But, I'm glad you liked the tour. It is a nice place to live 'long as you don't mind the cold.