Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Today was a

I'm tired of the cold and winter and I want 

Spring to arrive

NOW!   Day.

I rode around today in a total funk.  It was one of those days, when you didn't need the neck protector until you took it off; need the winter gloves until you changed to the mid-season ones; need the heavy jacket until you switched to the light leather.  About the only thing that wasn't a bother was my helmet.

Spring is supposed to be here.

I mean, even Red's Soft Ice Cream is open for the season.

Yet, much is still struggling, peeping out amongst the remains of last year.

Part of the funk, were I to admit it, is I've got two story ideas boiling around in my head and no editor that's really interested.  I've even got an editor who has agreed to publish an "ocean voyage" story, but isn't quite sure which issue it will appear, and I've got a client that has waited two years to appear for a hearing and found out today that nothing will happen until July.

You could say it's Spring weather in the publishing and the legal world: Maybe yes; maybe no. Maybe we will and maybe we won't.

Ah, well, there is a least one bright spot in the universe: Tom and I are definitely, for real, honestly, truly, going to Greenville this coming Monday.  Three-hundred fourteen miles, round trip. Yea!

That should cure the blues.


  1. Mike:

    easy peesey, 314 miles = piece of cake. The other day I had a milkshake with my hamburger, felt like summer was here

    Riding the Wet Coast

    1. Bob... True about the mileage.... just keep in mind that my 110 cc's don't get me over 51.00555 mph. But I agree. A piece of cake.
      Hamburger and milkshake... My BRW would shoot me if I ate the hamburger, although she'd go for the milkshake.