Thursday, January 3, 2013

This one's for 

Bob Skoot


There's More To Come!!


  1. Mike:

    all I can say is that you are a "dare devil". I hope all of that white stuff melts before summer. Did you find some snow tires for your scoot ? and was BRW holding your videocam ?

    Riding the Wet Coast
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    1. Bob: Not a dare anything. Just plain crazy. The white stuff will disappear - usually by 15 May…. No snow tires for the scooter - Not a company in the entire Universe makes them for the size we have. Studs are available, but the company (who makes a large selection) has been loath to make a recommendation. So, it's eeny, meeny, minny, moe, as to which ones to buy. You'd think if they made the #@#@&* things, they'd have some suggestions as to which to buy.

      No, BRW wasn't holding the video cam…. this is funny….. the only place I could find where it would work fairly well was…… by using my head…..

      If you can stand to do it, take a look at the video and look at my shadow…… see it?
      Ciao. Mike.

  2. Nice. I've always found my rear brake is my friend, but the front brake can get me into trouble real quick. The other thing about riding on the kind of stuff you were riding on is something I learned from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: "Don't Panic...and, Carry a towel." :)

    1. Ah, a kindred spirit…. Do you know how many people wander the earth without knowing - no, make that EVEN knowing that there is an answer? Let alone know that the answer is 42?

      I'm going to give the rear brake treatment a try…. As you probably know, it's automatic to do front brake first… I'll let you know what happens..
      Ciao…. Mike.

  3. So adventurous...... and I thought our almost polar bear ride was scary with the frost on the ground.

    I always hear my husband's words in my head during any slippery situation be it gravel or ice "don't touch your front brake". Now I chant it to myself.....

    1. A chant I may pick up… Tried it today and it seemed much better than the usual squirmy stops. Now if Troubadour would be kind enough to send me the rationale behind it, I would be most obliged.

      Thanks for the kudos, but BRW thinks it's more brain loss than adventure growth.

      Are you two coming east this year? As I keep telling Bob Skoot, it's only 48 hours. Of course, he keeps confusing the issue by bringing up the fact that that's 48-continuous hours.

      Piece of cake.


  4. Hey, what a cool video! Awesome music. Who is the musician?

    Was that a wave in the beginning or were you flipping off the neighbor.

    Good job taking the ride.

    1. Martha… Sorry to take so long to respond, but I didn't see your post. The music is Miles Davis' Doxy

      Yeah, it was a wave.

      Thanks for the kudos it was fairly touchy…

      Ciao. Mike.