Wednesday, January 16, 2013

It's 6:29:19 AM Eastern Standard Time.

It's been snowing for ten minutes or so, and already the streets and cars host a mantle of grainy white.

By 9:03:11 Eastern Standard Time, we are back to a Maine Winter.

Against the driveway wall, hidden yet again, waiting still to once more be stirred into action, sit a color seeking the Sun.

As do fragrant blossoms 'bove silky plumes,

And on the front slope, fitfully slumbering, awaiting too the call, stout 'greens sheltering sweet tinkling bells...

Sugarplums no longer dance, nor prance down the halls of my head.  Instead, visions of cool water lap upon the synapses of my mind.

The sunshine gleams so bright and warm,

The sky is blue and clear.

I run outdoors without a coat,

And spring is almost here.

Then before I know it,

Small clouds have blown together,

Till the sun just can't get through them

And again, it's mitten weather.
Unknown writer… wish it were me.

Winter in Maine…..


  1. Never fear, summer will come again. Then that humidity will kick in and you will wish for fall. :)

    1. Never!! I'm a hot, hot, humid kind of guy. 85-90 and humid… that's the life for me...

  2. Mike,

    Tomorrow looks like a cold, windy day with snowy roads, black ice, and the usual quota of drivers who aim at any one on two wheels. So - what time do we meet, and where are we going?

    1. Tom… with these conditions, I think we should head for the mountains. There's much more snow and ice, so we won't need to keep swerving from side to side trying to stay on the icy patches - they'll be all over. Then too, there will be a preponderance of trucks, which, as you well know, take up more of the road, and their drivers can't be bothered to look down far enough to see us. Sound good? I also think we should leave late enough to assure that we are on the road when it gets real dark. Better chance of hitting ice, and it'll give the trucks less traction, so that they'll have even less control.
      Sound good?

  3. I like that first photo. Very nice.

    Is that your rock wall garden? Good selection of plants. Very tidy. A lot of people make the mistake of jamming in anything and everything and it just ends up looking weedy. Of course, that's the German in me.

    1. Thank you, Martha. The thanks goes to my BRW, who has an incredible eye for these things. We've had people stop and comment on the beauty. Me, I come from the city… poured concrete spray painted green makes a great lawn… Go figure.

  4. I think your weather is a little bi-polar.

    It's spring, no it's winter. It's spring, no it's winter....... rinse, repeat

    1. Yeah. Look outside today…. a bright sunny 3-degrees… some fun chum.
      But you all don't get this kind of weather, do you?

  5. THE FRONT SLOPE, FITFULLY SLUMBERING, AWAITING TOO THE CALL, STOUT 'GREENS SHELTERING SWEET TINKLING BELLS...THanks for sharing such nice dear. Lovely pictures a bright sunny 3-degrees.
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