Sunday, January 6, 2013

Now, I know no one is really happy with just a little tease of a video.  So, here are the accompanying photos to my ride in the snow.

So, let's go with the fact that it was cold that day, so maybe it was "brain freeze" that prompted me to do it.  Three degrees is really cold…. That's negative 16 degrees celsius.

So…. it was

Long Johns, under

Leather pants, under

Snowmobile "Farmer John" bib overalls.

Tee Shirt, under

Long sleeved shirt, under

Wool sweater, under

Goose down vest, under

Winter Motorcycle coat.

Wool scarf, under


Wool Rag mitts inside leather mitts;

Wool rag socks inside leather boots ….

And we were good to go….

The worst part of the trip was getting to the main road…. that's what the video from yesterday shows… After that, except for some sandy spots (laid down by the salt and sand spreaders) it was pretty clear sailing - all the way to..

The Portland Headlight..

All, in all, looking a bit different than when Beemer Girl and Oilburner were here….

After a brief stop I decided to move on to another close by lighthouse - actually, two lighthouses - called, interestingly enough, Two Lights.  (There are at least 70 lighthouses in Maine.  You can make a whole vacation trip doing nothing but riding the coast from lighthouse to lighthouse).

Getting to Two Lights was a bit tricky… there was quite a bit of snow… I didn't fall is the good news, I didn't have time to take pictures is the bad news.

Parking at Two Lights is right down by the sea.  It's a fun place, regardless of the season…

A good look around, then off to….


Where I doffed everything except what proper behavior requires and settled in with a great sandwich and many cups of coffee…

It's a tough life….

But someone's got to do it….


  1. trying to send a comment

  2. Mike,

    Let's try a Brass Monkey ride, after the Polar Bear dips so popular around this time of year!


    1. For sure… Let's see, that's where we all ride nude except for helmet and boots, right?

  3. It took me about 15 seconds to decide if I was envious and that I should be doing the same thing you are. I decided I am not envious and will not be doing the same thing you are. That's just TDC. By comparison we are a toasty 36 and melting. But I'm still not going out on my scooter.

    Besides, my scooter had its heart removed for transplant at a later, much later date. I don't anticipate scootering for months and months, so this scooter circle may excommunicate me.

    I admire your courage. Or whatever it was that overtook your senses to make this ride!

    1. Martha…
      My BRW said that any and all my senses had leaked out many moons ago, so there's nothing left to worry about.
      Under the heading of what is called "Full Disclosure", I should mention that I spent 10-15 years teaching winter mountaineering and have spent days on mountain tops where the temps were never above say, -18. So, for me, it's just another day in the sun….
      But as for you…. you'll be scootering before you know it, and, I feel rather certain, you will remain firmly entrenched in our scootering circle.
      Just don't stop those photos from coming (along with your great comments).
      That being said, hang on for the next installment of man against intellect. Coming soon right here.
      Ciao. Stay toasty.

  4. The problem with cold weather riding isn't that you have to put on so many layers and gear, it's that you have to pee as soon as you are geared up, or maybe that is just me, lol.

    Glad to see you had a sunny day for the ride. I think riding down the coast visiting all the lighthouses sounds like fun. People have done that on the west coast too. I guess we are spoiled living so close to some of them.

    1. Trust me, the pee thing is not just you…..
      This time of year is fantastic for not only riding, but for just SEEING, as well as picture taking.
      It's the light! Everything is etched with a scalpel -- lines are incredibly sharp, precise, dimensional. I can't describe it well at all, but just LOOKING causes one's heart to beat stronger, one's emotions to spring forth deep and dense.
      Ahh, not doing well.
      Guess, I'll leave it at it was a fun, sunny day, filled with those minute events that fulfill, alter and change your life.
      Ciao. Mike.

  5. Mike, You have just got to explain how you mountaineered and sailed ships upon the seas. What have you been doing, seriously.

  6. Okay Martha… But remember that only rocks are older than I, so a long time is involved in this story……. Also keep in mind my blushing as I relate, and….. keep in mind my motto "If you do what you wish, you'll find a way…."
    High School, 1st trumpet, band and orchestra, got me through college, living on what is now called "speed", with no debt (in those days you paid or you didn't go). Went to gym saw SCUBA class, said "Why not?" became instructor, started taking people diving - made small living (lived off of lobsters and fish caught while diving (don't like lobster anymore)) wrote stories, got paid. Designed procedures, got paid. Experimented with deep diving - down to 300 feet on just plain compressed air…. Caught attention of University of Mayaguez who hired me to train their divers on deepwater diving… spent month in PR diving to 150 - 175 feet on plain air. Brought people down, taught them, got paid, had fun…. Student was flight instructor, traded SCUBA lessons for flight instructions…. became pilot… flew people to out-of-way dive sights . Got paid. Flew small plane across country (flew entire length of Grand Canyon down centerline, 1,000 feet above rim) stopped in LA, bought katana, came home, studied Kendo and Iado, entered competition, wrote stories. Using degree worked for NYC DEPT ENVIRONMENT, won cases; Congressman liked my work, took me off to DC. Spent 11 years in court on environmental trials, won all, got recognized and made Associate Regional Administrator US EPA…. bought boat. Quit. Lived on boat, sailed, wrote stories. Made small living. Flew to Maine - saw Mt. Washington, decided to climb… learned technical climbing, moved into winter mountaineering; put team together to climb Mt. McKinley, practiced for year, female member (one of the best climbers ever) got ill, lead climber diagnosed with diabetes, plans destroyed. Sailed enough that folks asked me to deliver their vessels. Started delivering, got Captain's License, went to work on large vessel (cleaning windows and toilets - there are always dues to pay, trust me) after 4,567 windows and 9,349 toilet bowels all cleaned, became Merchant Marine Ship's Master. Sailed some more. Moved to Maine to see what sailing is like up here. Started helping folks with legal issues, started own business. Worked, wrote, sailed, flew….. then crash in the form of tongue cancer…. 5 years later, with Donald Duck voice, still getting back on feet, riding scooter, writing book on scooter riding, hanging out, co-hosting radio show each Monday, cook all meals in house AND feed the cats….
    Okay… my cheeks are beet red….

  7. Mike, First let me say I did not know about your cancer being tongue cancer. That situation would certainly help one to appreciate every drop of rain, every snowflake, every blade of grass and sparkle of sunlight. You have my absolute compassion and best wishes.

    And I'd say you got your money's worth out of this lifetime. It looks like you crammed about 2 or 3 lives in this one. Good job doing that...Apparently you did not have a lead weight dragging you down and that certainly helps. So does being capable!

    You've had a wonderful life and it's obvious that you are taking this sucker to the mat. Keep on scootering!

    1. Thanks Martha… You are very sweet and very kind… Now, scoot out here… Lots of nurseries, farms, down-to-earth folks. AND TOM!! What more could a person want?

  8. As ever, thanks for the invitation. But as you know, I'll be 4 hours farther west in a few weeks and a whole lot busier. Someday...

    And give Tom a big Howdy for me.

  9. Don't let him fool you. He enjoys talking at length about his escapades. Though for your sake it it better in a dim bar where you can knock back some drinks while listening and picking your jaw up off the floor. :)

    Mike, I still say you are nuts to even get into all those layers! Let alone slip and slid down that street. Though Chris said he would be right there beside you on his bike sliding along. :)

    1. Thanks Lori… At last I'm elevated to just plain nuts. Yay!!! As for Chris, well, tell him to power up. New snow expected shortly with plenty of exciting opportunities.