Sunday, February 10, 2013

I'd like to report that today dawned bright and sunny, clear and warm.

Warm in the winter in Maine, has different meanings than anywhere Away.

I didn't believe it myself, but it's true.  Twenty, thirty days of 15, or 20-degree days makes you immune to what folks from away think is cold.

I'd like to report that today, the first of January, 2013, dawned bright and sunny, warm and clear….

January 1st, 2013.

I'd like to report that today, the seventeenth of January 17th, 2013, the day dawned bright and sunny, warm and clear...

January 17, 2013

I'd like to report that today, the tenth of February, 2013, the day dawned bright and sunny, warm and clear...

Well, it did.  Okay, maybe not warm exactly, but, and this is true,

In Maine, in the Winter

20 degrees is considered a pretty nice day.  You forget to zip your coat, your gloves are carried, and your hat is just poised loosely upon your head.

And so, today we did what every Mainiac does on a bright, clear, warm Sunday morning…

Cleared the front steps enough to get by….

Assessed the street (both ways) scouting for near-future snow deposit spots….

Cleared a path for the cars….

Sent the BRW to the "top" to stabilize our growing mountain…

Then, all things accomplished, retired for some hot cider and home-made bread…

I'd like to report that today dawned bright and sunny, clear and warm.

So it did.  Maine warm.  So reported.


  1. Most excellent reporting. :) And pictures to go along. Looks like a beautiful day. And I see the plows made it down your street. Can't stop people for long. Are the outriggers on the bike?

    1. Yes, ready for tomorrow…. must make it to the radio station you know….

    2. Oh yay! I'll try and dial in again. I've made it to the last couple. But usually have a meeting half way through and can't listen to the entire program. Will "Thomas Keene" of the fewer syllables be there tomorrow?

    3. Ab so lute lee.

      And, I'm pissed at a few topics of which Tom is usually on the other side….. so……

      It should be fun..

  2. Well, at least Maine warm is warmer than Alaska warm. That is a good thing.

    It is still hard for me to remember snow that deep. When I was 4 we moved from Oregon to Northern British Columbia (Fort St. James to be exact) and I remember snow covering the doorway overnight and having to shovel out of the house. Man that was so long ago. In Southern BC we'd still get snow but it was more of the 1-2 feet overnight variety.

    I like the rains of Oregon because I don't have to shovel it, but I miss the sunshine even if it is cold and snowy.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures.

    1. Had a job offer once to work in Oregon. Was flown in and wined and dined for three days. For three days, the sky was clear, in that there wasn't any snow, rain, fog or anything else to curtail your vision. EXCEPT that for three days the sky was overcast. High clouds, that's true. High and completely covering the universe. No sun to be found.
      On the third day I asked when the weather was going to change. The answer, "not soon, I hope, it's so beautiful lately."
      I left the next morning.

      Gland you liked the pictures.
      Ciao. Mike.

  3. Mike, that's a lot of snow! Nice shoveling job too! Much as you obviously love the winter, I'm sorry to break the news, but the earth is rapidly shifting on its axis and the end is near. Sorry!

    1. David. Nice shoveling, nice aches and pains.
      I do so love the winter that in my evening prayers I always ask that Puerto Rico be kept safe and sound from any ills - especially snow-day ills.
      Can't wait for that axis to move along.
      By the way, couldn't do it last year, but am really shooting for a Montreal visit this year. My BRW and I had such a great time there and want so much to get back.
      Keep watching the Sun Spots…. They get in the correct position, we are on our way…
      Ciao. Mike.