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July 27th, 2013

The Great

Ski's Shrimp Run

The Rally gathers at the Sea Dog Parking lot in Topsham, Maine at 10 AM, after which, at Noon, everyone rides up to Richmond, Maine and the Old Goat Tavern.

The ride to Richmond is a short 32-miles, so it will probably take no longer than one-hour.  From then on it should be one heck of a good time.

In order to make it a perfect day, we've put together a route up to Brunswick that will take us through the wonderful small lanes and roads that Maine is famous for: a wandering, enjoyable ride that eschews main roads, preferring beauty to speed.

Take a look…..


We start at the Scooter Shop, leaving at 7:30 AM, which will allow for a leisurely ride up AND enough time to have breakfast.

Our route will track I-295 up to Yarmouth, crossing over onto Route 1 for a second before turning onto South Freeport Road.

A quick jog into Bow Street, then onto Pleasant Hill Road – aptly named for the wonderful vistas, gentle curving road and far-ranging farmland.

A few jigs and jogs and we will arrive at Jen's Place, where those so inclined can chow down.

Jen's a fun place BUT, they don't take credit cards…. cash on the barrelhead, as the saying goes.  There is another location in Brunswick that would also do the trick: The Inn at Brunswick Station.  A bit more pricey, but cards are accepted.

Here's Jen's Place… 

Here's The Inn….

Whichever place you eat, the ride to the Sea Dog Parking lot is a snap.  A few blocks and you're there.

I've also charted the ride to Richmond, even though it will be difficult to get lost: follow the scooter in front of you.

The ride home will also be an enjoyment-filled event.

Route 24, the road we will ride to Richmond, is a wonderful scooter road BUT, even more enjoyable is Foreside Road, a two-lane road that veers off, skirts the Baxter State Forest and rides alongside Merrymeeting Bay: now thick woodlots, now broad farmland, and nary a house to be seen.  We will ride down Foreside on the trip back.

In addition to that little change, we will also ride down Maquoit Road – south of Brunswick, and take a moment to take in the view and enjoy the little sandy beach where the road meets Maquoit Bay.

Flying Point Road, another 2-lane country road of sparse development, leads us into Bow Street, but rather than head south, we will continue west until we reach Route 9, which we will follow, more or less (jogging a little for some additional scenery) back to the Scooter Shop.

A perfect ending to a perfect day.

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