Friday, April 26, 2013

I remember…

When I sold my boat…

I had her for 5 years, lived aboard for 2.  It was a bittersweet day.

I remember when I sold my Alfa…

We'd traveled up and down the entire east coast together: Eastport to Key West.

It was a very bittersweet moment.

And now, my Elite: 11,545 miles in 22 months.  Just about 525 miles a month, every month - and those who live in Maine, or northern New England know what that means.

Another bittersweet moment.

But the truth of the matter is, 110ccs for two people and weekend gear, is just a bit too slow. We topped-out at 49.5 mph on the level…. 39 and change on a hill of any significance.

And so, when Kismet brought my riding buddy Tina and I to stumble upon a scooter that would solve the problem, I had no choice but to bow to the guiding hand of fate and….

I looked….

I tried...

And we now own a 2010 Piaggio BV 250.

Now, bring Summer on….

Speaking of pleasant things, today, while at Cumberland Scooters, having Darrell check the new machine over, I met one of my Facebook friends, Tracey, and her husband, who's name I must shamefully admit to having forgotten.  It is always so wonderful to finally meet, in the person herself, so to speak, someone with whom you've spent "conversing" with in the past.

The long and the short of our conversation, was that both of them worked "weird" hours and could only ride on Fridays….. So, I promised to put together a ride for next Friday (and, who knows, maybe every Friday) and am sending out this advance notice of the

"Great Tracey and her husband whose name we will re-learn and never, ever forget again, Friday ride."

Stay tuned.  More to follow.


  1. Congrats Mike:

    on your new scooter. I guess it was just meant to be, you just had to do it. You should have fun in TN this summer. Now you will be able to meet me "halfway" somewhere in Oregon.

    I must have missed that part about you selling your "ALFA", Yikes, I won't get to see it. If you still have a spare key, maybe we could find it and go for a ride . . .

    I nearly bought a BV500 before I settled on my Previous Kymco X500Ri. There was only one problem that I remember with that model. The fuel tube from the gas tank wrapped the wrong way around "something", and cause some kind of problem. Perhaps you should have that checked out

    anyway, it matches your macho riding gear

    Riding the Wet Coast

    1. Bob: I thought you'd be upset about the boat! Yeah, after dropping 20-grand in work over two years, we decided it was time to say goodbye.
      The bad news is it moved to NJ, so even though I DO have a spare key, it's beyond our grasp.
      I'm not worried about the fuel tube….. according to my BRW I can handle anything! A fire while riding? A snap… steer with one leg, throttle with one hand and fire extinguisher with an arm and a leg. She says it's a snap.
      Ciao, Mike.

  2. You licked the cookie! If you taste the cookie, you want to buy the cookie, that is how it works.

    Nice looking scooter. Better for two up indeed.

    1. Wow! What a great saying. I've never heard it. Now, I'll need to stay away from cookies. Better for two up indeed. First ride, my BRW said: "I'm so up here and so out here, it's almost scary."

  3. Beautiful, beautiful scooter!

    There was a used one around here last year and I lusted over it a lot on Craigslist.

    I think it will give you the ride and handling you seek.

    I am envious, but happy for you guys. Guess the red head wasn't interested in riding the Elite along side you?

    Anyway, enjoy and ride safely!

    1. Thanks Deb, although I must admit to a bit of a letdown when I saw "scooter" after all those "beautiful's". Oh, well.
      And your correct, the red head enjoys driving her car, and riding the scooter by herself, but if we are going somewhere, she'd rather sit back and enjoy the ride.

      Now, perhaps we can come visit you.
      Ciao, Mike.

    2. Ya, and when I get my big engined scoot I'll be coming up to Maine! :=)

  4. WOOHOOOOO!!! Congratulations! Beautiful machine, and such nice lines. I'm scared to think of the hijinks that you are Tom are going to get into now. :) But I'll have fun following along.

  5. Mike-
    When are we going to get a "ride report" from you on that BV250?

    I particularly am eagerly awaiting...

    Are you in love to the point that you are "speechless"? LOL

    Bring it on! :=)