Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Well, I had a fantastic day, and although I did not reach my goal of 250 miles (402 km), I did manage to get 215.9 miles (347.5 km) to ring up on the odometer.  Not too shabby when you consider that, yet again, the weatherman was completely off-base.

I want to be a weatherman…. wrong most of the time, never get called on it, never need say "I'm sorry", never get fired.

It was cold, and with the wind it bordered on being brutal, although it was bright and clear.  My peregrinations brought me to some real "Down Home" places: little towns that are tucked away where the tourists never go… Like….

The Cozi Corner….

 Two eggs, toast, three sausages, home-fries, endless coffee, two-buck tip and under nine bucks…  Got to love small town diners.


There is still a bit too much sand on the road to wheel around with gay abandon, but they are clear enough so that the lovely winding country lanes can be motored with a great deal of enjoyment.  Not that you need (or want) to go speeding along.  Half of the fun is coming upon sights like this…

Don't ask me what this is, I'm a city boy, but whether it's a storage shed, a residence or a hmmm, it certainly gets your attention.  It looks so "just right" sitting out there - and the wood is unbelievable.

One of the real joys of riding the Blue Highways, are the  houses you find just sitting there, looking just right, and usually adorned with large trees - unlike the  barren desserts of today's new developments…

And, at every town, or village that you come upon, you'll find a very important structure - the firehouse.  Makes you realize just how far away from everything you really are.

Another ubiquitous sight is a civil war monument….

Maine suffered brutal losses during the Civil War, with some towns losing most of its male population, boom, just like that.

One other fascinating aspect of Maine's roads is that they all intertwine.  Travel on Road A for a while and you'll cross Road B.  Thirty minutes later, here comes Road B again, zoom right across your path…

However, no matter where you travel, the scenery is always great…

Although, you are always reminded that this is Maine, and it stays cold here longer than anywhere "Away"…

The water's not yet liquid, and the limbs still bare…

One other aspect of Maine that folks from "Away" don't often get to experience is the "unimproved" state road.

This is a real road…. it gets plowed when it snows, gets sanded.  It has a name, and a street sign.  There are cross streets, with their own street sign.  Mailboxes festoon the roadway…. the only thing strange is….

It's not paved.  And at this time of the year, what you are riding on is a slick, hard, wet clay surface.


Lastly, this trip brought home, the harsh world of Northern New England…. the small tucked-away, personal burial grounds, that speak of short lives, and valiant hopes…

Well, as I said at the start, I had a fantastic day, and although I did not reach my goal of 250 miles (402 km), I did manage to get 215.9 miles (347.5 km)

And, as I rode home, visions of sugar plums danced in my head.

Summhar in Maine…. Nothing Finah!!


  1. Mike - the photos are beautiful and the trip notes a blast. Thanks for bundling them up and sharing. Wow.

    1. Tina, you are, as always, too kind. But thank you for the kudos. It is much appreciated. Ciao, Mike.

  2. Mike, my longest ride to date was just a tiny bit longer at 233 miles. It took all day and I was glad when it was over. Then again there was a visit tucked in there that accounted for maybe an hour and a half of non-riding.

    I need to get my new bike on the road and start practicing too for my summer ride.

    Nice ride report and as always great pictures to go along with it.

    1. Thank you David. Tell me, what is your new bike? And will you be riding that when you get here this summer? Either way, we are looking forward to having a wonderful time showing you around. Ciao, Mike.

  3. Nice tour of Maine. One of these days I'll get back there but for now, I'll have to rely on your tours. Thanks! Our water is still on the "solid" side as well and we are still getting solids falling from the clouds. Soon, I hear, that may change but I'm not holding my breath. Three wheels and studded tires are allowing me to get some riding in...

    1. Thank you for the compliment Richard. As to the solid issue, you are a bit further north than we are. I tried to get studded tires this winter, but was unable to find them in my tire size.
      My suggestion is as soon as your summer is over, start following the Sun south. It'l get you here for sure.
      Looking forward to a whenever you can visit. Ciao, Mike.

  4. Mike:

    You must be frozen. I still see ice and snow. No wonder you had to go to the Cozi Corner to warm up.

    WHAT ! you didn't mention you had unpaved roads !

    More photos of the real Maine please. I liked the small town feel . . .

    Riding the Wet Coast

    1. Bob, I've called the Governor's office and asked if we could please keep the ice until late July --- want to give you a feel of our Down East hospitality.
      Hang loose, going to do another mad run this weekend, should have some videos too.
      Waiting for July for two reasons:
      1) Your visit and
      2) The temperature usually breaks 70 degrees F.

  5. Congratuations! Just a hop away from your goal. Very respectable. Making me long for those northern roads...miss Love Rd with all it's frost heaves. Unpaved and graded would have been an improvement. :)

  6. Beautiful pictures - and way to go on riding 215 miles in one day. No easy feat on small two wheeled machines.

    That length can definitely make for a long day. When we ride along the back roads especially with a group I use a little guide for how long it will take - this usually takes into consideration fuel and food stops and picture taking.

    Take your mileage - divide by 50 (miles) and multiply by 2 for riding time.

    200 miles divided by 50 = 4 x2 is 8 hours for your ride. Is that close? I don't know why but it works. You could just divide by 25 but that is not as much fun, lol.