Friday, April 19, 2013

Where Did You Go?


What Did You Do?


Well, that's not exactly true, if for no other reason than you just can't do NOTHING, if you're riding with Tina Marie, and ride with Tina I did today.

Keep in mind that last week, one of those bitter cold "Spring" days that Maine is famous for, Ti and I made a dash for the Cozi Corner Cafe, located in beautiful downtown Waterboro.

Now you may recall that Waterboro is only 29.8 miles (47.9 km) from us and, taking county roads, should take about 50 some-odd minutes.


The way I planned it, we managed to get there just about 2 minutes after it closed: about 2 hours after we left.

Click here to see Mike's serpentine route to anywhere but here….

Today, we planned on being slick, and left early on a "direct," more or less, route and managed to get there

11 and 1/2 minutes before they closed.  Neat timing.  The staff was up to the challenge however, and served us toot sweet, and we settled back, enjoying both the food and the atmosphere.

With full bellies, and a goodie bag, we left Cozi, mounted up, and with Tina in the lead managed to locate a huge collection of strange, yet interesting places that just called out for stopping and photographing…..

The day was winding down, and we were winding our way homeward.  As luck would have it we found ourselves at a crossroad that, were we to turn left would put us right into the front yard of a major motorcycle place - one that also handles scooters.  What the heck…. we've been wandering all day, what's another 20-minutes?


Now see what you've done?

To be continued…..


  1. Mike:

    WHA WHAA WHAATT ! Don't tell me . . . A Piaggio BV250 ? get the one with the 500 engine, you will thank me later. When you hit Tennesee just keep going and I'll meet you half way.

    We need better (larger) photos of Ti, thank you

    Riding the Wet Coast

    1. Hey Bob Skoot, I'm riding a 110, so a 250 is like a jet rocket! What happened here is this dealer doesn't deal in Piaggio. They just got it in and want it out, so they gave me a low, low price and a high, high trade-in figure. Haven't done the deal yet, but $1,200 for my scooter is the highest I've gotten from anyone.
      Turns out that no one really RIDES scooters, so when a dealer sees my 11,500 miles on a 2010 scooter, they figure they will have a difficult time re-selling and usually offer me about $900 on a trade-in for a $4,000 machine.
      Ah, but time will tell. We may yet meet halfway….
      Ciao, Mike.

  2. What fun...I guess this really is a blog about scooting for fun. Great photos, nice bike. I want more, more and more. I can't wait. Thanks again for such a wonderful day! Tina Marie

  3. Isn't this what riding is all about. Finding the odd, the unusual, the different? To find something that you might not otherwise see?

    Great post, great picks. :) Keep up the good work.

    1. Yes indeed, this is what it's all about. And if you wander with Tina Marie, you WILL find the odd, the unusual and the different. She has an eye for it. I've passed some of these sights a dozen times. it's Tina's eye that slams on the brakes and LO! where did that come from?
      Ciao, Mike.

  4. Super nice scooter! You deserve it.

    1. Thank you Martha, and congratulations on your wonderful new digs. Although this book I'm attempting is preventing me from making droll comments, be assured that I am still in there with you, reading along and cheering, groaning and hanging tough. Great news on the jobs. Oh, and that photo of you the other day confirms my Ciao Bella. True will always out!
      Ciao, Mike.

  5. Hooray you made it before they closed.

    Such cool things to find on the way back too. I like finding those odd things that beg to be photographed.

    That 250 scooter looks pretty nice - did you test ride it or just drool a little?

    1. Brandy: Took it down the road and….. Well, let's back up a bit. With my Honda Elite 110, I ride wide-open 97.98765% of the time, (Okay, maybe 98), at which point, if by myself, I hit 47.9 mph. That's it. If my BRW is aboard we max out at 40 mph. (That's 77 and 64 km/h). So, I hop onto the 250, get into traffic and crank it on just like it's my Honda…. Zooooom I'm doing 70 (112.6) before I finish inhaling.
      So, I throttled back to idle and did 50 (80) around for a bit then brought it back.

      Other than the larrrrge difference in acceleration and top speed, it felt to me exactly as if I were on the Honda. So, I guess that's a good thing.

      Now, when my BRW gets home from Nashville, TN, I will look her firmly in the eye and say "Please! Pretty Please! I'll be your best friend!" and hope that helps.

      After all it's got less than 1,000 miles and all they want is two grand.

      Which I believe is a good deal. Do you have any input?

      Ciao, Mike.

  6. Mike, that's a crazy good price, for sure. People on Modern Vespa are all drooling over the BV 350. Personally, I prefer the GTS. Going from my 150cc to a 278cc has been a similar come-to-Jesus moment for me too. Dear Lord I am worshiping at the Piaggio altar these days.

    Good luck with your pleas to your BRW.

    BTW, not sure what 'BRW' means, but clearly it's your significant other, and clearly female. I am normally good at ferreting the meanings of acronyms out with a few keystrokes to Google. This time, I came up dry-ish, except for one meaning that seemed like it might work, but I was afraid that if I uttered it, I'd end up back-to-back with someone with a loaded dueling flintlock in my gun hand (and I'm from Canada, I don't think we have 'gun-hands' here).

    Enlighten me if you dare, please!!

    1. David: So sorry to take so long to respond. It would be very interesting to learn what Canadian Google came up with. You peaked my interest and I looked but couldn't find anything worth dueling over.

      The reality is rather mundane, I afraid.

      My B eautiful R edheaded W ife.

      Can't help it, I'm a romantic.
      Ciao, Mike.