Saturday, March 24, 2012

Congratulations!  You are the proud recipient of a non-invasive  Surgery!

Are you kidding me?  The scar is 7-inches long!

Imagine if the doctor got invasive.

So I had surgery, okay.  That's not so bad.  But.....
The worst part came when I heard the words:

"No Riding for at least one-week."

Are you kidding?  I mean that's like telling Batman to lose Robin for a week, or sending Superman's costume to the cleaners, or, or.... you get the picture?

And besides, it's Spring - even in Maine!  The leaves are popping out on the porch vine,

And I even saw some strawberry plant pushing its way up.

But am I going to be allowed out there?  No sir.  So, here I am, sitting at breakfast relegated to the ranks of those who..... read manuals.

Better days are coming.....
Better days are coming....


  1. Are you saying you are a sad kitty? can non-invasive leave a 7 inch incision scar??

    Cheer up. That week will go faster than you want to think about next year. :)

    1. The little kitty had just the right expression the other day, that I thought I'd steal it to good effect. Accurately reflects how I felt.

      You're right, time is flying. Only four days to go.
      Ciao, Mike.

  2. Mike:

    no riding doesn't mean no driving. you could always drive somewhere scenic and blow a roll of film. I shot B&W for years and did my own developing. I still have my enlargers and a collection of cameras.

    heal fast, rest and do some ride planning

    Riding the Wet Coast

  3. Bob:
    You're right, and that's what I did this morning. Absconded with my wife's car, drove over and bought some bagels and snap some shots.
    Interesting to learn about your photography. Did much of that too. Had a few small shows. Still use film cameras.
    Let's talk some more about it.


  4. Mike,

    As my father used to say when something unpleasant happened to someone: "It could have been worse - it could have been ME!" I won't tell you about my long ride through some unexplored back roads.

    Maybe we can take the long way home next Thursday after your scooter is examined at Reynold's.


  5. You'll make it, just... uh, walk or something. People used to do that I think.

    Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life