Monday, March 26, 2012

Half Empty or Half Full?

On days such as this, when the wind chills your soul and the rain dampens any hope of cheerfulness, I have a difficult time discerning the condition of life's glass.  Much as I want to be upbeat, some element of the day, the hour, the weather drains my soul and my glass.

Today, as I do every Sunday, I went over to our local bagel and bread shop to stock-up on its goodies.  Today, however, I drove my BRW's (Beautiful Redheaded Wife) car instead of my trusty Elite.  Perhaps it's the fact that I'm grounded until next Thursday that holds me down: thoughts of what adventures will be lost in these days, danced in my head.

It's a short drive to Willard Square, where, snugly nestled in an old period-house, sits Scratch Bakery, home of some fine bread and THE place to get bagels that are as close to New York Bagels as one can get.

Normally, there's a line inside, snaking around the bagels, alongside the display case, passed the coffee station, back to the cashier, but today - cold and dreary as it is, there were few bagelites milling around - all the better for picking out THE one bagel of the day.

 Buying bagels always cheers me up.  Perhaps it's the memory of doing so invokes: memories of bringing home these warm, scented, teeth-exercising rolls with, (can you believe this?), a hole – a hole right in its middle, upon which, mindful of the hole that would lose your applied treasures, you would soon slather (there's no other word for it), tons of fresh cream cheese, slices of thin lox and a very, very, thin slice of red onion topped, finally, with a small handful of capers.

AND, if you were lucky, you'd be able to wash it down with a very diluted cup of coffee.  Ahhh...

So, leaving Scratch, my spirits were a bit more bright.

Then, while driving down the road, peering forlornly out the window, I came upon a sight not seen for months....

A thin coating of red budlets had been tossed out upon the street by the tall maple.  Buds.  Buds. An awakening was taking place right in front of my window, and then,

as I drove down my street, the bright yellow-green of my neighbor's front yard, jumped out at me, and as I pulled into my driveway

there, at my feet – Spring! Life renewed.

I shut the car's door and, my bag of bagels firmly in hand, headed up the porch, bound for a great breakfast.

Thursday was only four days away.

Today was definitely going to be a Half-Full Day.


  1. See? And by the time that I am actually able to read this it is already closing in on Wed evening. Can you ride tomorrow?? :)

    Glad you had some color lurking under the clouds to brighten your day!

  2. Do I haveta type BeemerGirl? What else can I type instead?
    .... And by the time I read your post, it WAS Thursday, and Yes!! I did go out in the 37-degree, rainy, very windy day!! Nothing was going to stop my "allowed to ride again" day.
    Of course, I'm still shivering, and downing continual hot toddies, but HEY, someone's got to do it!
    Thanks for the uplifting note.
    It is, as always, greatly appreciated.