Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Great Minds Think Alike.

I woke up this morning to the little flutter, flutter of falling snow.  March came in like a lion, and it doesn't appear that its going out anything like a lamb.  I staggered down stairs, opened the door to get the newspaper, and thought to myself, "I need a picture of this madness."  So, I took a picture of my BRW's car with its mantle of snow.  Good shot for the blog, eh?

 I snap the shot, then go and power up, getting ready to upload the picture and, as I do most times, wander through the various blogs that I follow: one of the first I stop at belonging to my good friend Tom Keene -

And what to my wondrous eyes do appear right there on the screen, but a picture of Tom's wife's car, with it's snowy mantle.

Great Minds Think Alike.

So, to add to the record, here is my photo contribution of the late March snowfall.

Only one more day before my "Grounded" restriction is lifted
and Tom and I already have a "small trip" planned.  Only problem is the weather is forecast to be rainy, perhaps snowy, and definitely windy.  I guess Tom is going to have to put his liner back in, and pull out the thick gloves.  You've got to love Springtime in Maine.  Still in all, it will be the first time I'm onboard and riding in seven, count 'em, seven full days.
Can't wait.


  1. Mike:

    we seldom get snow here, that stays, so I also shot a photo of my car recently when it was frozen. We get lots of frost in the mornings, seldom snow

    so does that make us 3 great minds think alike ?

    now go out and have a good ride

    Riding the Wet Coast

  2. Bob: Absolutely!!
    Welcome to the Great Minds Society.
    With your mind added to ours here in Maine, we now have 3,280 miles of Great Minds.
    Not too shabby.
    It would only take me two days, nineteen hours to drive out for a visit.
    Might think about doing it.
    Only thing holding me back is I'm never sure if that means two day, nineteen hours of none stop driving, or it will take 2 days?
    Whatcha think?

  3. Mike:

    you can't trust It only computes actual driving time so that works out to 67 hours going the posted speed limit. Counting rest stops a normal person can drive/ride 50 mph average speed (3280/50=65.6 hours). Riding a bike you can only go 6 to 8 hours a day, but we can round this off to 1 week each way.

    I would love to do it . . . one day. I have driven across Canada as far as Quebec City. I drove 17 hour days but I was young and didn't know when to stop. I now stop at every viewpoint and scenic vista. I mean, someone has to photograph them

    Riding the Wet Coast

    1. Hold On. I'm laughing my a..... off!
      1) Normal person... Well, that leaves me out.
      2) 50 mph average speed? Hmmmm, does that mean I have to do at least 50 all the time, not just downhill with a tail wind?
      3) At 51.03 mph, my Honda Elite 110 starts to shutter, moan, groan and vibrate. Makes me think it's trying to tell me something.
      4) I can do 6 hours riding. After 6 I tend to stop and fall asleep while smelling the flowers.
      5) Young is something I once read about.
      6) Strangely enough, when you reach Quebec City, you are only 278 miles (447 km), from my home.
      7) Once my BRW (Beautiful Redheaded Wife) okays the purchase of the 250cc Aprillia 250 Sportscity
      we just may beat you to the trip and ride west!!!
      And, you are correct: Someone has to take the pictures!

  4. Mike,

    As a member of the GMS, I appreciate the spread of the Society to the other, lesser coast. However, to maintain the deserved exclusivity of the noble GMS, perhaps we should limit membership to those riders with black or red machines, and to those whose spouse drives a red or burgundy automobile.

    Without limitations, we could become - gasp, gasp - ordinary!


  5. Great Idea Tom! Let's do it.
    I'll send out an e-mail letting other GMs know of our new limitation, and require them to submit un-doctored photos of their rides....