Sunday, July 15, 2012


Stop the presses!


Beemer Girl and Oilburner
are coming to Maine

To visit Tom of Scooter By The Sea fame, 

and Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar.

(An obscure reference to a wonderful radio show.  Anyone remember it? [Anyone remember radio?]).

To say we are excited is to say, "Yeah, climbed Mt. Everest last week.  Hadn't much to do, so what the heck."

Tom and I have been planning a great ride for all of us.... just having trouble getting it down to 27-hours of continuous riding.....

My BRW has made some wonderful dinner suggestions and we are anxiously awaiting our guests decisions..... Lobster or scallops, clams or oysters... wine or rye....

For example, there's

Jay's Oyster

I went here for dinner for my back in June and it did not disappoint! We got in and saw that the place was packed, but didn't have to wait very long for seats.

It's first come first serve at the bar so we quickly grabbed two that just opened up. Big plus for the ladies: Bag/jacket hooks under the bar. Yay!

We ordered clam chowder, coleslaw, lobster, steamed clams, and garlic bread. Everything was pretty darn awesome! The only things I'll say is, I tend to like my clam chowder a bit chunkier with more seafood, but the overall flavor and consistency was spot on. Also, the garlic bread which was a grilled hot dog bun with garlic and butter could've been a lot better. The ungrilled part of the bun had a doughy-like consistency. The fact that it was grilled saved it. Also, it wasn't very garlicky. If they used sourdough bread instead and included minced garlic and chives, it would rock.

The service was really great!! The ladies do a really great job making sure that you're taken care off. Feels like a neighborhood spot, which I love!!

They had a guy shucking oysters and putting them on a heaping pile of ice in the middle of the bar area. I SO wanted some, but was way too full. It looked amazing though, so I'll def come back for that.

And then, there is the

Lobster Shack
Yeah, I'm giving the Lobster Shack 5 stars. The food earned 4 or 4 1/2 stars, but the location and the view pushes it to 5 stars.

Lobster roll was excellent. Fresh lobster, plenty of meat, on a toasted bun. Fries were very good -- light, not too greasy. Cole slaw was very good. Clams... a bit bready and smallish... but satisfactory. Clams were whole belly and the serving size was plenty.

Entree runs $14 to $18... no surprise based on type of food and location. I fed three people for $62. Tell them you are from Maine after ordering and you get a small discount. They didn't check my ID (I'm from NH... but my daughter had her Maine ID if they did ask to verify).

Limited indoor seating... but who wants to eat inside? Lots and lots of outdoor seating on picnic tables.

The Lobster Shack location... right on the ocean. Fog horn sounding. Plenty of rocks at low tide to walk and explore after eating.

Great place!

With so many possible things to do, places to

see, people to meet, with so little time,  the

only question remaining is....If You're over 65 


kidnap two people, do

 they give you a discount on the sentence?

Stay Tuned.... The suspense is building....

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Where Have You Been?


What Did You Do?


And so it has been these last what? seven-thousand years?

Okay.  Maybe not that long but it sure seems that way to me.

Here, instead of Scooter-ing For Fun, is what I've been doing:

For one, reading fantastic stuff:
Presents with L shoulder pain, unable to move it.  “Feels out of place”.  Past medical history: Bilat. shoulders are weak/dislocate by selves.

For two, writing deathless prose:
Exhibit 12F.  Compare doctor's statement about cane use and ability to walk.
Attack statement that TP supports history of back problems, but CE findings do not support the physical limitations reported by the claimant.  Examine other reports on what C can/cannot do, as well as treating physicians remarks.
Question: Can ME point to CE statement that supports claim of failing to support the physical limitations reported by the claimant.

All hope abandon ye who enter here.

Fortunately, before the madness of brief writing descended like a plague of locusts, I made a number of trips - in preparation of my exciting

Trip to Montreal

And even got to snap some pictures.
So join me on my ride from
Portland, Maine to
Searsport, Maine...
224 Miles (362 km) roundtrip.

To start with, I whipped-up some fortification.  No sense going hungry.

Then, loaded for bear, off I went.

Made a short stop in Camden, Maine, home of the world's last Schooners – Long, Graceful, Wood Sailing Ships, sans engines and run by the sweat of one's brow:

And then... it's through the countryside I went – which is one of the wonderful things about Maine: two-feet from any city or town, and you're in the wilds....

City to soft lanes...

County roads...

With mountains in the distance...

Then.... around the bend, a lake to explore...

Until the next bend reveals...

 the ocean wide

Not to mention small towns...

Towns so small that there exists no town.  Just a crossroad and the general store.

A store that is the grocery, the DVD rental place, the Deli and sandwich store, the wireless for free while you sit on the couch in the cafe and sip your coffee place

The Post Office.

Maine..... The way life should be.