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Sunday, March 9, 2014

When you ride into "New Territory", some of the first questions you ask are:

Got a suggestion as to a good ride?

Where's a good place to eat?

Looking to check out some neat sights... Got any ideas?

In Maine, The Answer is:

"Yup.  Got some roads only the cows know about" ....

"Have just the place... Good food, Fun people" ...

"Plenty to see.  What's your choice? Country or Ocean?"

Maine is blessed with an embarrassment of riches, with backroads and stunning vistas just over the next hill – all waiting for the adventurous soul (and pillion) to discover.

And while it's great fun to make these discoveries on your own, some lack the time to explore these roads in depth, and one always runs the risk of riding a "not bad" day as opposed to riding a "fantastic" day.

Which is why we have started the

"Riding The Backroads of Maine" program.

When you ride the backroads with us, you will be guided along a backroads route which is downloadable straight to your GPS device, providing you with the detailed turn-by-turn guidance to which you have become accustomed.

In addition to your GPS program, you will also have with you a ride guidebook, which will provide you with an overview of your trip, as well as specific information on each of the places you visit.  Your guidebook will also list the websites of the "sights" you will visit, so that you may delve more deeply into the history and other interesting aspects of the location.

Each of your rides are designed to provide you with between two and four hours of sightseeing riding, and each begins at a local eatery – be it a great "coffee and" light breakfast type, or a "sit down and chow in" joint, and ends at a local restaurant – so that you may end your ride with good food and a refreshing drink.

There is also a mid-ride stop built in – an ice cream stand, or a "quick bite" stop.  And, of course, along the way you're sure to find just the right antique shop, or "local junk" place that calls out to you.

The last page of your ride guidebook is Lagniappe – that little something extra – that will provide you with information about other nearby locations (that you may wish to detour to) as well as alternate eateries along the way.

Currently, we are in "Beta" mode, and would like to invite you to take a look at one of our trips, and provide us with your feedback in the form of suggestions as to what you did or did not enjoy about the guidebook, and what you'd like to see included.

You may post your feedback here or, if you prefer, you may send us an e-mail at:

So.  Here is

A Diner, Five Lights, Coffee and Dessert.

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