Thursday, August 23, 2012

I can't help it.  Where I come from there are street signs at every corner.
Central Park West.
Third Ave.
W. 39
8th. Ave.

In other words, place directions.  Oh, and we really have no need for things like: East, West, North or South.

Except to tell you that you were either on the Hudson River side of 5th Avenue, or the East River side of 5th Avenue.
E. 72, tells you that you are on the East River side of 5th Avenue, while W. 39 lets you know that you're on the Hudson River side.

Simple.  Easy.

Oh.  If you are on a numbered street, you are on a crosstown street (either headed for the E. River, or the Hudson River); if on an avenue, you are headed uptown or downtown.

In short, a compass has no place here.  True we've been known to say, walk north uptown, to 88th street, then turn left and go crosstown to 9th avenue.  So, compass names do sometimes come into play, but only in a supporting role.

So, when Tom, of Scooter by the Sea fame, and Yours truly, Johnny Dollar.
By the way, for those interested in my name, check here....

Headed out for a great ride, I merrily zoomed, I mean, zoomed passed the VERY FIRST TURN.
Who knows what these things like head west then turn south mean?

Oh, well..... See Tom's blog.  I'm sure he'll both understand it and be able to explain it.

HOWEVER, on to the trip...

Friday, August 10, 2012

The rest of the story...

And now you know

The Rest of the Story.....

When we last looked in, our Motley Crew

were doing real damage to the sea life population...

Full and happy, we headed out to the where the locals bring home the goodies of the sea... Lobster Landing.

A real working pier.

Surrounded by nothing but Sea and Sun...

We walked out onto the working pier and lolled around, gawking.

Oilburner was impressed by something we hardly think about...

Thirteen-foot tides.  When tides out.... tides out.

By this time it was late, late afternoon, most of us resembled un-watered flowers, so we headed for the direct-route road back and dinner at one of our local watering holes...


Hands down...a 5 star dive. Locals only type place that's seems to serve the full menu as long as they're open. 
If you're looking for high end gastro-fare with clean line designs and a rotating seasonal menu, skip this place. If wood paneling, Johnny Cash and dusty old sports memorabilia are more your speed then swing on in. 

Couldn't have said it better.

After that wonderful day, the Dynamic Duo scootered off to see some more of Maine.  (Okay, they Motorcycled Off.... I just couldn't resist.)

However, they did return for one last hurrah dinner, so we took them to church so they could bask in Grace.

A church converted into a neat, fun restaurant. We sat upstairs at the table at the far left of this photo.

The view in any direction is, at the least, awesome.

We luxuriated in, no, wallowed in a fabulous dessert, paired with a smooth wine and, with such good friends beside me... lo!
Paradise is here.

Alas and Alack, the evening, too quickly came to an end....

Beemer Girl and Oilburner saddled-up, and with a painfully sweet rumble, rode out of town.....

Wednesday, August 8, 2012






Beamer Girl.....    


Oil Burner.....

Zoomed up from the South...

To our Neck of the Woods...

To visit with...

Tom, of Scooter By The Sea Fame...

The BRW...

And, Yours Truly,
Johnny Dollar....

And was it ever a fun-filled, mad-capped adventurous couple of days!

The Zooming Duo, arrived in early evening - which up here, is like, eight pm (this time of the year the Sun hangs around 'til about 9-ish), dropped their bags, showered up and settled in with a refreshing drink.
We picked them up, and brought them over to a local joint:  Dogfish Cafe,

Where we settled in with a nice drink amongst good people and eat good food.

The next morning, it was saddle-up time.  Everyone zipped over to our Chateau and prepared to explore the wilds of Maine.

And, of course, where to first...

But the Portland Headlight, one of, if not the most photographed lighthouse around.  And, you may agree, for good reason.

Filling up on the beauty of Maine, meant, of course that we follow the coastal road so as to fill up on the taste of Maine...

And where better than 

Right on the water.  What could be better?
So, we dismounted and, as usual, Tom and I took our now world famous, "Here's Tom taking a picture of Mike taking a picture of Tom, taking a picture of..." photograph.

And now to eat.  Good friends, good country, good view, good food.  Does it get any better?

Stay tuned!

More to come.