Wednesday, August 8, 2012






Beamer Girl.....    


Oil Burner.....

Zoomed up from the South...

To our Neck of the Woods...

To visit with...

Tom, of Scooter By The Sea Fame...

The BRW...

And, Yours Truly,
Johnny Dollar....

And was it ever a fun-filled, mad-capped adventurous couple of days!

The Zooming Duo, arrived in early evening - which up here, is like, eight pm (this time of the year the Sun hangs around 'til about 9-ish), dropped their bags, showered up and settled in with a refreshing drink.
We picked them up, and brought them over to a local joint:  Dogfish Cafe,

Where we settled in with a nice drink amongst good people and eat good food.

The next morning, it was saddle-up time.  Everyone zipped over to our Chateau and prepared to explore the wilds of Maine.

And, of course, where to first...

But the Portland Headlight, one of, if not the most photographed lighthouse around.  And, you may agree, for good reason.

Filling up on the beauty of Maine, meant, of course that we follow the coastal road so as to fill up on the taste of Maine...

And where better than 

Right on the water.  What could be better?
So, we dismounted and, as usual, Tom and I took our now world famous, "Here's Tom taking a picture of Mike taking a picture of Tom, taking a picture of..." photograph.

And now to eat.  Good friends, good country, good view, good food.  Does it get any better?

Stay tuned!

More to come.


  1. I think it is so great when the bloggers travel and get to meet.

    You all must have had so much fun together.

    1. Indeed. We had a wonderful time together. Both of these characters are great company, and as easy going as you could wish.
      Now we need to get them up here in January!!

  2. Well at least you are up playing the trip and it wasn't a "wham, bam, thank ya ma'am" visit. Hehehe. More of just a "wham, bam, what the hell just happened to us and did you get the license plate of that red bike that just ran me over" type of visit. :)

    1. Glad you had fun being run over.... But I did miss grabbing the plate number...

  3. And thank you for appropriately cropping a couple of the photos. ;)

  4. Mike:

    I'm Jelly-ous. What's happening in January ?

    Your guys are killing me, now I have to go to the Lobster Shack. I can nearly taste those delicious, tasty, delectible, juicy Lobsters from here.

    Love your photo of BRW . . .

    Riding the Wet Coast
    My Flickr // My YouTube

  5. Hey Bob... Speaking of enjoyment, your trip and meeting of many folks have me green with envy. And, tell me, how do you always manage to be surrounded by beautiful women? Waitresses, companions, riders, all abound with loveliness.
    How do you do it?

    Thanks for the note on BRW. More to come.

    As to January: it's an old story....... I'll put it on my blog rather than jam your place up with drool stories.

    And don't be jelly-ous, come on out. It's only two days...... non-stop.


  6. Mike!

    So cool you guys got together! What a neat experience!

    Eagerly awaiting the next chapter...