Tuesday, July 2, 2013

******* You can find CCSC people everywhere. *******

There I was, at the correct place, only I wasn't supposed to be there yet.  I mean, the Five Islands Lobster joint was on my list, but it was the 2nd stop, not the first.  So, I said to myself, "how'd you manage to do this?"

While I was standing alongside my scooter, perusing my map, checking my road directions, and scratching my head, a comely, silver-haired lady walked up to me, and the conversation that ensued went like this…

"That's a nice looking scooter you have there sir."

"Thank you", sez I looking up.

"Mike? Mike? What are you doing out here?"

My scooter admirer was no other than another intrepid CCSCer… Ingrid.

So, I "fessed up", and admitted that I had absolutely no idea what I was doing there, that I was plotting a new trip, perhaps to use the day after the Shrimp Run, and arrived at this spot utterly confused as to how I accomplished same.

At least she was kind enough not to laugh.  In fact, she smiled and said: "Well, while you're here, come on in and have some lunch with us".

Unfortunately, time was pressing and, although my mouth was watering fiercely, I declined the invitation and, hopping onto my trusty scooter, rode away, trying to figure-out to where I was riding away.