Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Do You See That?

It's Raining again!

Another day of rain would be hard to take,
were it not for yesterday

I opened the front door to grab the paper

The sky was blue.....  I rushed to the kitchen window, peered out and...

The Sun!  The Sun!!
Quick Mama, Grab your gear and let's Scooter!

Move the car,

Fill the tank...

And let's scoot along the back roads to breakfast, at...

A place that's welcoming, cozy, and puts on a great spread.

Wot I mean is..... A great spread...

Breakfast for two.  How can you go wrong?

We eat, drank, and staggered out to ride the backroads home.

Stopped to take-in some sights,

And drove home.  And.... as my friend's young son said, when asked how his summer vacation trip was... "We went out, we ate a lot, we had fun, then we drove back. And that was fun too."


  1. Mike:

    3 photos up from the bottom, next time can you point your camera a few more degrees UP ! We have to have a photo of your BRW, you only posted a "tease". Great that you two managed to get out for a ride between storms

    looks like you had the whole place, and the roads to yourself

    Riding the Wet Coast
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  2. Bob... Yes. All to ourselves. It was really wonderful. My BRW is a very shy person, so it's difficult to get her into a shot. But I'm patient. Sooner or later.

  3. Now that looks like a good excuse for a ride. I am glad you had at least one sunny day. It sure makes the rain easier to take.

    That breakfast looks really good. You know you've had a great meal when you need to adjust the suspension for the ride home.

    1. Not only the suspension.... Those darn chaps keep shrinking up around the waist....

  4. Mike:

    you would think that with all the rain you have been getting, that you have time to update this blog. I love your sense of humour.

    I'm going to use it. "Yes, I went there, then I came back. It was nice"

    only 2 days and a bit, time for you to hop on your Aprilia 250 and head West . . .
    You've got the sleeping mat, and I have the tent. Just have to combine them

    Riding the Wet Coast
    My Flickr // My YouTube

  5. BRW, her red jacket, the red steed...am I seeing a pattern? The Italian lust for passion? ;)

    Great day, great outing.

  6. Wait! Wait! What about my red 1988 Alfa Romeo Spider? Don't forget that!!