Friday, May 4, 2012

It's Raining again today.

Seems like that's all it does lately.

Rain, rain, rain...
No Scooter riding today.  Again...

Well, if you're Italian, and you're stuck inside, what do you do?

Tu cucinare e si mangia!

You cook and you eat!

First, start the tea.

Then, let's see, some asparagus, green onion, spinach, and a bulb of wild garlic - picked from the backyard...

Then some leftover loin of pork smothered in thick gravy...

A couple of slices of that 60-mile bread...

Then too, something to stick to your ribs – it is raw outside...

A dish of this, with a hefty slab of Irish Butter, and a heaping spoonful of brown sugar – that should fortify anyone against the rain.

And then, to clear the palate, orange slices, sprinkled with shaved cheese, drizzled with good olive oil and a splash of balsamic vinegar, should nicely end the meal.

Put it all together with, butter, jams and the Times, and what more could one ask for?

Not too much...

Si Magia

Gli italiani sanno mangiare


  1. That is quite the feast. Good idea for a rainy day.

  2. Thank you.
    It happens every day.... can't help myself, I just have so much fun cooking. Of course, my BRW thinks she has died and gone to heaven – I do all the cooking.
    But, that's what Italians do - cook and eat.

  3. Mike:

    Now, you're tempting me to ride over. Scootering and eating . . . I can do that !

    I agree with your BRW, you are handy to have around

    Riding the Wet Coast
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  4. Anytime..... We're having relatives from San Antonio over for lunch next week, but the week after is open!

  5. Nummy! What is a "BRW"?

    Raining out my rides here too. I immerse myself in true crime shows and chocolate and java to pass the hours!


  6. Deb.... Sorry to learn that rain is scuttling your fun too. But be of good cheer, better days are just ahead.

    BRW is my Beautiful Redheaded Wife. The idol of me life, singing roll a ball a ball a penny a pitch.

    (Can you identify that reference? Aha!)

    Ciao bambina.

  7. You take my humid 90's and I will take your rain and lunch. :)

    1. Deal. Love hot and humid. My wife wants to shoot me in August. She wants air conditioning, I want just a little breeze. Send it up!!

      As to the lunch: Personally deliver the weather and lunch and dinner will be waiting.

      Just say the word.

      Once we move from the 110 to the 250 (Both I and my BRW are lusting after the Aprillia 250 Sport), we intend to expand our travel horizons and can bring lunch down to you.

    2. Heck, make it a 500 and set out breakfast!