Saturday, May 12, 2012

It really has stopped raining.

I believe all this rain is really all the snow we didn't get this year.  Come to think of it, I only ran the snowblower three times this winter.

While it did, in fact, stop raining, it did not, repeat, not, turn nice.  Rather, the day started off rather blah.  Lots of nothing to see, nothing cheerful.

Dull grey sky.  Dull grey Sun.  Dull.

But.  Never to be daunted, the bright side of all this Seattle weather is: The flowers are up and at 'em.

The Hens are coming....

Followed by the Chickens.

I think that's what this delightful plant's called.

AND.... to really spice things up, some new plant has decided to join us....

I haven't a clue as to what these (there are about 3 of them) beauties are.  They have just decided to join in the parade.  Anyone know their name?  Martha?

But, I did, after all, get out and ride a bit.  Gotta have our Dunkin' Donuts, so off I went.
Now, it ain't easy carrying coffee containers on a scooter: there's a bit of work involved.  The deal is: place the containers in a carry tray, put the try into the corner and fill the remaining space with your bag (or whatever it is in which you carry all your paraphernalia).


I carry a over-the-shoulder leather bag which is perfect for getting the coffee home – it jams in real nice.

Coffee away! Arriba!


  1. Oilburner transports drinks the same way. :)

    You have some beautiful flowers peaking up. Sorry I can't help with any names. They look "white and 5 petaled" to me.

  2. Ah, another clever soul. Good to hear. Thank you on the flowers, trust me, it's all my BRW's work. She's got a knack for that stuff. As to the 5-white-petal-stuff: that's good enough for me. Good work!!

  3. LOL...and apparently neither of us can count. I know I typed 6. 6-white-petal-stuff. ;)

  4. You know, I'm Italian, so I am not expected to know how to count accurately. Otherwise, how would I be able to be expansive over something like washing the dishes.. I mean, look at this:
    Yesterday we had company and I ended up washing a ton of dishes.....
    My God, what a day! Company out the kazoo, cooking for a hundred, and, don't ask me how, but I ended up washing enough dishes to feed at least a thousand, maybe two people!

  5. Mike:

    YEP, I concur . Those are "WHITE 6 petal flowers", I believe that is the official name for them, until either; Martha or Trobaritz appear to make fools of us all

    I still don't believe that it stopped raining, and also how would you know what Seattle weather was like ?

    Riding the Wet Coast
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  6. Aha! First of all, I have been known to watch (albeit kicking and screaming) Gray's Anatomy and there is not a single show that lacks a rain scene - AND a rather heavy rain scene.
    I've actually been in Seattle. Many years ago before it became popular, but in Seattle - for 4-days no less.
    Bad news is it never rained and it was sunny every day..... HOWEVER... My hosts kept remarking on what wonderful weather we were having, leading me to believe that weather of that nature (which is expected, no - demanded in my neck of the woods) was the exception rather than the norm.
    But, you know, I'm willing to learn that Seattle gets a bum rap and that, in fact, it is always sunny there.
    Say what?