Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What shall we do for Memorial Day?

Shall we jump into the car

And Zoom

That is, Zoooom

I said, ZOOOOM

To some romantic location?

Or, shall we
Go home

Do some sightseeing,

Eat some food,

Visit the family?

Or, should we hop a ride

To some exotic party,

Crash a wedding,

Join-in on some exotic fun?

Or, shall we hop a boat,

Sail and cook our way to strange and wondrous places,

Where the Sun presents itself eternally new, and eternally the same?

Or should we get smart,
Grab our scooter, AND

Scooter For Fun to some real exotic places,

maybe heading to Canada trying to find that wonderful peace officer who chatted with us for a bit, then mounted up and rode off into the world...
Leaving us wondering, "Who was that
sun-glassed rider?" (anyone knows, let me know),

Or, perhaps we should just jump on and, Scootering along, just camp and ride, camp and ride.....

What would you do?
What did you do?


  1. That was a cool montage.

    We like to stay home on long weekends because most people go somewhere and it is quiet in the neighborhood. We don't like fighting traffic and crowds. But we got yard work done and changed he shock on my bike which was fun.

  2. Yard work? Yard work? Haven't you discovered green paint yet?
    Traffic and crowds I know from - coming from NYC, but here in Maine, population 1,500,000 spread over 38,620 some odd square miles, crowds - especially this early in the season, have a different meaning.
    But changing the shocks, or any mechanical work, is my idea of fun too.
    Sounds like you had a great day.

  3. Mike:

    we also stay home on long weekends. It is Mo' quiet when the locals leave town. I've spread myself too thin by following too many blogs, and now I am mesmerized with some ride reports.

    I smile when I noticed that photo of your tent, and scooter. I'm still working on my equipment acquisition but I haven't camped in my life, YET. I keep telling you that we should meet in the "middle" you know, somewhere near Seattle, WA and pitch our tents together for a weekend. Or we could tag along with seasoned campers like Trobairitz and "wing it"

    Riding the Wet Coast
    My Flickr // My YouTube

    1. Okay Bob, you win.... I'm going to start planning my ride out....

  4. Nice montage. We didn't have a holiday up here in the tundra, but it was all scootering during the weekend.

    1. Thanks Sonja for the kudos. Where did you go?
      By the way, I spend 13 years doing environmental work. If I may ask, what aspect of the field do you work in?
      Also, I;ve neglected my other blog on cooking for beginners. As you like to cook, perhaps you have some gems you'd like to pass on?

  5. Wonderful montage...but you didn't tell us what you really did!!

    We grabbed onto the Tail of the Dragon on Saturay. Then I spent the rest of the weekend in the hammock with a good book. ;)

    1. Wow! are you that close to the Tail? From what I've seen and read, it sounds like a lot of fun - even at a modest pace. Yes?
      As to what we actually did..... stand by for the next exciting adventure....