Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas is coming to my home town....

And it's imperative that all our little boys and girls be properly prepared....

First, kids, make sure that mom and dad get out there and cut down THE tree for the house.   None of this buy it at the corner stuff..... no sir. So say this....

A Tree!  A Tree!  We need our own-picked tree!

Then, make sure the tree is placed correctly... Perhaps one of the upper floors would be best.  That way you get both the tree and the view.  Don't settle for less.

It's also imperative that the season be started-off correctly, so.... Radio City Music Hall first...

Followed by a long, slow, stroll through the toy store....

For the young ladies, a stop at Lord & Taylor is  an absolute must...

(Although you may need to pretend that all you really want to do is look at the window displays)

The older ladies should peruse the offerings in museum displays, so as to get a better idea of what you not only must have, but truly need...

Don't forget to stop and visit Santa.  Just remember, though, when Santa asks as to whether or not you've been a good little boy or girl, simply say "Under advice of counsel, all I can say is I've been good and let it go at that."

Then, it's get on home and trim the tree...

Use all the help you can get...

Then kick back, relax...

And wait for Santa......


  1. Absolutely great!! Did you get a fresh tree this year? No little varmints in it? The kitties all enjoying a fresh tree in the house? Extra guide wires to keep it upright in the middle of the night? :)

    That last picture...I think Santa is in for a bumpy ride...hehe

    1. Lori.... Then tree is from last year... we haven't done anything yet this year... Think we're behind?

  2. Such bright pictures. I have to say my favorite is the kitties inspecting the tree. There is just something about trees, especially with shiny dangly bits that attract the kittehs.

    1. Yes... and when you have three of them - one of them your daughter's very small kitten, things get real interesting, real fast.

  3. I guess I like the cat/tree picture as well. My son's cat is now ignoring the tree as much as the dogs. But still insists on dragging it's favorite cat toy all over the house. What is the building in the third photo?

    1. Richard... Time for a rant and rave about how the "new" generation has no couth, no refinement, no nuttin'.

      It's called The Balsums. It is closed now and being renovated into just another place to stay


      What it was, was a Grand Hotel, in the true sense of the word. From the time you checked in until you left, anything you needed was there. Everyone knew your name. You had your own dining table, with your own waiter. Food was available in copious amounts, in never ending quantities and never, ever anything but superbly prepared (and served). There was a never ending choice of what to do - ski, snowshoe, hike, ride bikes, walk, you think of it you could do it. (In season natch). In short, it was the place to go when you wanted to be pampered. A welcome back bottle of wine and bottle of maple syrup if you were a second (or more) time guest.
      The list goes on.
      The price was what it should be.... a Friday evening arrival, Monday morning (after breakfast) departure (with your automobile wisked away upon your arrival, cared for and returned, warm and waiting as you left) with room/private bath, at least three meals (there was always something laying around upon which to nosh) of divine quality ran about 275/day - which also included all extras like snowshoes, ski lift tixs etc.


      Young people don't know which fork to use, or glass, for that matter, nor what to do with their own personal waiter and what's with this "Jacket and ties for men and dresses or gowns for women at dinner please" stuff?

      Shall I continue? No.... enough. Here's the website....

      Ciao. Mike....

  4. Mike:

    If you procrastinate any longer you will have to buy one of those "umbrella" trees for "instant" setup and spray on some tree smells.

    I think in photo #8 BRW is longing for some ear "farkle", or wrist "farkles", or perhaps a broach "farkle"

    Riding the Wet Coast
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    1. Bob...
      Great idea about the tree and spray... Brilliant... Will do.

      Yeah. It was a close call. The only thing that saved me was that the museum refused my offer for the broach. Don't know why, I thought five bucks was fair and reasonable..

      Of course, you should be able to tell from the smile at #5, that the stop at FAO Schwarz was very productive and successful.

  5. That was fun setting up the Christmas and the end product was great! I wish I was there to wait for Santa...I should do this here too. And as we celebrate this holiday season I thought you should check out 4wheelonline which is offering some amazing discounts on Motorcycle Tires and accessories.