Saturday, December 22, 2012

Welcome to the "What's this got to do with anything?" page.

15,000 folks without electricity.  Not too bad a score out of 1.5 million people in the state.... unless you happen to be one of them.....

Missed getting in.  Having BBQ withdrawal fit....

 "Cap'n, looks bad ahead".  "Yup.  Better get geared up, and be thankful we're not in the vessel on the left."

 Speaking of "gearing up".... the latest apparel for a Bermuda rain squall.... even the pocketbook fits in...

"Hey Cap! What'cha want me to do about this sucker?"  "Miss him if possible... don't want to mess-up his day."

Always a pleasure to meet a well-tended, well-sailed vessel.

My new home town....

My home town....

BRW.... What else to say?

Two favorite Redheads...

First Command.... 65-ft, custom Chris Craft the "Lady Anna"...

15 days in the mountains of Guatemala... I, cook for 17-member team of doctors performing cataract surgery on the poor population..

BRW... Nurse and interpretor... interesting... The natives spoke Quiche, native doctors 

spoke Quiche/Spanish, our doctors spoke 

English..... BRW would translate doctor's 

questions into Spanish, which was 

translated into Quiche and presented to

 patient.  Then the answer was routed 

back via the same pathway.... tiring.


Some of the crew... the young ladies worked many long hours as go-fers.  Everyone put in 14-hour days.

That's why we get to have an ice cream.


  1. What a great mix of photographs. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you for your constant appreciation.... It is well received. Now, if I can only shake this cold....

  2. That is sort of a mini-bio, isn't it! Interesting life you have been enjoying!

    Portland looks very nice. Someday...I'd like to visit, but I have to find a new hometown very quickly and I always do my research. I think the NE is far more expensive than the Midwest.

    Stay indoors with that cold! Stay warm and hydrated! No, not vodka! And then sleep until it's time to eat...Take care.

    1. Martha... Yeah, a kinda mini-bio.... It has been interesting, but only because of my prime rule.....

      I'd rather work 24-hours a day to get out of work than to work one hour a day....

      Works real well.

      I think the only real difference in costs would be rentals - whether house or apartment, and purchase price (although except for California and Texas many prices have equalized).

      Okay. I'll drink water chasers, that should keep me hydrated. The sleep part I've got down pat.

      Portland is nice and you simply must come out this summer - all 2 weeks of it - and have some fun in the sun.
      Looking forward to it....
      Ciao.... Miket

  3. Mini-bio? Shoot...I thought it all happened last week. After all, you are the busy bee. ;) BRW healed up quickly. Follow suit! Ps. Hope you aren't one of those without power. Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Lori... BRW is doing much better although still coughing like the proverbial crane.... WHOOP, WHOOP..

    As to the bio, I'm constantly embarrassed when people ask me what I've done.... I try to get away with "It's been a pretty blurry life..." Otherwise, if I continue I notice eyes get narrow and suspicious and disbelieving, which is no fun.
    So, I just weave a fun story and let it go at that.
    We have not lost our power. Two years ago we were out for almost 7-days, so I think the powers that be figured we've paid our dues...
    Stay warm too.... Ciao...

  5. mike:

    I've never been to SA, but would be nice to know a bit of Spanish.

    I also had an Alfa Romeo, guilia Spyder roadster but it was italian white which is a faster colour than RED.

    Glad you didn't lose your power, and that BRW is feeling better

    Ciao, your Bro'

    Riding the Wet Coast

    1. See... You even owned an Alfa... and, of course, you being the elder, it was, in fact, faster.

      Have a Merry Christmas - you and yours and I'm trying, really trying to figure out how to get the damn 250 so I can, indeed, meet you half way... Remember, your dealing with a guy who thinks 15 straight hours behind the wheel of an Alfa is standard procedure. Halfway on a 250 would probably be somewhere around Texas...
      Buon Natale.