Monday, December 17, 2012

Tom was right.  That's why he's known as

"Tom of Scooter By The Sea" fame.

He wrote:

Snow is on the Way.

And Today.....


To my wondrous eyes did appear...

It wasn't the snow so much as it was the BRW who intimated that if I were even to look at the scooter, she was going to hit the speed dial for our local psychiatric hospital....

Q: So what's a guy to do?

A: Drive the Honda.

The on-ramp and the bridge weren't too bad, and I was beginning to feel put upon, but the roads on the other side were, I must admit, a bit sloppy...

Although the trees in the park looked pretty cool with their mantle of white amongst the field of white.  All in all, from inside a warm automobile, not a bad scene.

Not a bad  ride to the studio, and, if truth be told, I really didn't feel up to riding today.

At any rate, made it to the station and got ready for my co-host to cue up....

don his headset and say....

This is Ray, Then waiting for me .......

And I'm Mike....



  1. We are going to be slugged with our first winter storm starting Wednesday night. Might get 6-8 inches, blowing heavy stuff. Thursday will be a whole different scene. A fireplace or wood stove is essential in times like this! I hope to keep the power on.

    Your snow looks very wet!

    1. Hi Martha.... Yup. Very wet. And today is has been raining, so it is both wet and gone. The last two winters have be very strange. Don't know about global warming, but something's not right.
      Fireplace.... logs crackling.... these are still strange objects to me.... not too many on the eight floor in Manhattan.

  2. Community radio! What station and what's your role?

    1. Hi Richard...


      90.9 and 104.1 FM

      Or, for you and other folks outside our area


      We are on each Monday from 1:30 until 3:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.

      There are three of us, (although our youngest member, Adam, has been working and unable to be on with us), spanning three generations:
      Myself (only rocks are older),
      Ray (late forties, early fifties, and Adam, (mid 20's).

      What we do, although debatable, is bring up a topic then proceed to hash it out from our various age-related viewpoints.

      We have a good time, while discussing important topics.

      We have a call in line and any and all folks are invited to call in and either agree with, disagree with or have a totally different viewpoint on the subject. Of course, often we get a call that is on a totally different subject. That's okay. We invite all to Speak Freely. Goodness knows we do.
      Ray is the booming voice. Adam sounds young. I sound like a sick Donald Duck - a result of Chemo and Radiation treatment for tongue cancer.
      Anyway, please feel free to catch us via the web. If nothing else you'll get to waste a perfectly good couple of hours.
      Oh. Check YouTube under SpeakFreely Funtage. We have about 5 or so snippets that you may find funny.

      Let me know...
      Ciao. Mike.

  3. Awww...the white stuff. I saw your forecasts today and figured it was on the way to see you. I love the park setting.

    Love the sound bite from the show!! I need to figure out how to tape you guys.

    1. Hey Lori... The taping's the easy part.... pick us up via the web at WMPG.ORG at 1:30 PM on Monday and tape the show as it streams.

      Talk to you two shortly. R (BRW) is sick with a whopper of a cold and everything is on hold until she is strong enough to boss me around again.

  4. Mike:

    we had our first REAL snow on this mornings commute. Cars in ditches and traffic stopped for miles. Our wet snow turns the road to ice so snow tires don't work and we have lots of hills where cars can't get up which block all the traffic behind.

    Give BRW a hug for me, I'll repay you later . . .

    Riding the Wet Coast
    My Flickr // My YouTube

    1. You'd think that living in a place where EVERY winter there is snow beyond comprehension, that we'd learn how to do it.... But NO.... deck the roads with Fords and Hondas,,,,, fa la la la la


      Hug delivered.....

  5. Probably good that you listened to the BRW on this one. Sometimes we wife's know what we're talking about. Or at least we have our hubby's well being at heart.

    We too woke to an inch of snow this morning but it is 35˚F out there so it is just wet and sloppy, no ice. It even looked pretty for a few minutes.

    1. Probably good that I listen - my life expectancy increases every time I do.
      Rained all day today. Snow is gone. Big puddles abound.
      Supposed to be more of the same tomorrow and tomorrow Tom and I are supposed to ride.
      This should be interesting, and should show which is the crazier
      Let's see who blinks first.