Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Cancer is really a big pain.

It takes up so much of your time, and causes no end of problems, not the least of which is the "other shoe" syndrome.

You're always waiting.  So are your doctors.

Lately, strange things have been happening which have called for MRI's, CT's and meetings after meetings with my team (yeah, you don't have just one anymore) of doctors.

Nothing has come of all this – except there has been no time to do anything else.....

I'm Back!!

Good as New....

And Loaded for Bear...

Okay, so what's been happening?

Well, been on the road, hither, and yon...

Ate something here....

Ate something there...

And watched the day go from here...

To here...

Kept up with friends

Old and new

And now stand ready to once again ride and spread the alarm....

"He's Back!"


  1. Mike:

    Glad you are back, and hopefully NORMAL, well, as normal as you can be. We were worried about you and the recent Storm (Sandy). I just can't imagine what you have been through

    All I can say right now is get ready and make a reservation for the Station House Grill. We are coming for dinner next July 2013, and I am bringing a couple of friends.

    Twist Lori's arm and perhaps she can make it too

    Riding the Wet Coast
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    1. Best news I've had in years! Okay, maybe months. I'll start the arm twisting now, although it won't take much to get Lori and Chris back up here.
      Looking forward to July.
      And maybe we can meet you somewhere out there - as long as you realize that 51.01 mph is the best I can do.(82.24 km/h)

  2. I am glad you are back and I hope you are feeling better too.

    I know from past experience that doctors don't always get it right when they are doing tests and diagnostics but hopefully the results are good.

    Happy Holidays to you and best wishes for good health in 2013.

    1. Thank you. I am feeling very well. Now to keep the doctors away.
      Happy Holidays to you also and are you two coming out here with Bob in July?

  3. You are back, safely. From the photos, it looks like you had fun...and a little time to get away from everything. Happy holidays and cheers to a healthy 2013

  4. Many thanks. And to you and yours, the most happiest of holidays and a wonderful new year.

  5. The other shoe thing is totally not fun. Hopefully, you are done with the alphabet soup tests and just have to go visit from time to time so the experts can tell you, you are free.

  6. I'm so very sorry to read about your illness. I'm happy to read that you are better! Eat well, sleep well and try to enjoy every day- even if the weather is crappy. Merry Christmas and a great big Happy New Year!

  7. Back and ready to take on the WORLD!! Just in time for winter...

    Cancer is a crappy, crappy thing. I hope the energy returns, along with some muscle and weight. We shall see about July. Isn't that black fly season though??